Ballet Beautiful – Getting a beautifully lean ballet body

on 2-19-2012 in Fitness, Pregnancy Nuggets

A while back I came across a company called Ballet Beautiful. The company was started by a former professional ballerina, Mary Helen Bower, and produces workout videos that incorporates the elements of ballet posture, techniques, and form. I studied ballet for quite a few years as a child and teenager, and have always dreamt of getting back to doing some ballet as an adult.

I got really excited when I discovered Ballet Beautiful. It’s not the same as dancing ballet, but I love how Mary Helen brings in the grace into these workouts – they make me feel beautiful just doing them. I got all of their 15 minutes online workout series and have been trying them out.

So far the Intro Cardio and Tendu Cardio workout have been great. As described in my previous post, I am 31 weeks pregnant and have gestational diabetes. Doing 15 minute workout blast right after a meal is perfect for me because I can immediately bring my blood sugar back down. The workouts are beautiful and super low impact. I’m loving them!

You can visit Ballet Beautiful here.

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