7-Day Health Jumpstart Program for Vancouver Moms

on 12-03-2013 in Fitness, Nutrition Tips

Hi Vancouver Moms!

I’m excited to kick start my fitness goals in the New Year and want to invite you to join us for a 7 Day Health Jumpstart beginning January 26th. This is what you’ll get:

  • Reset your body by giving it a nutritious and yummy cleanse (and lose 3-5 lbs in the process)
  • Receive 4 sessions of small group fitness training with a fabulous personal trainer (kids welcome)
  • Boost your energy level by getting balanced meals and regular exercise
  • Have fun and get connected with other Vancouver moms!


What does the Health Jumpstart consist of?

1486658_10151747478067038_771872069_n     plus-sign-clip-art1         2013-12-01 13.39.28 Our Trainer, Elisabet!

1. The USANA RESET program is a scientifically designed, 5-day cleanse program that consists of certified low-glycemic, gluten free meals and snacks. The program can help you curb salt and sugar cravings and lose, on average, 3-5 lbs. Each meal and snack is individually wrapped and convenient for on-the-go moms.

2. As a bonus – Elisabet Haraldsdottir, an International Sport Science Association Certified personal trainer and fellow mom, will lead 4 group fitness training sessions for us. Children are welcome at the training sessions as Elisabet has designed the workouts to incorporate them! You will finish with a personalized body-weight fitness program that you can continue to do at home!

Join us for this 7-Day Health Jumpstart program for just $99.95 + tax and start 2014 with a bang. Space is limited to 10 moms, so reserve your spot now!

This is purely the price of the RESET program and the fitness training is a FREE bonus if you sign up by Dec 31st. From Jan 1st the price will go up to $139.50 + tax!

To reserve your spot, contact the person who invited you or send me a message here (peggy.p.leung@gmail.com)


RESET Jumpstart Program Details:


The Health Jumpstart Schedule (start date: January 26th, 2014):

Day 1 – Jan 26th (Sunday): Group fitness class 1 at 9am downtown, receive your RESET package

Day 2 – Jan 27th: Start RESET Day 1

Day 3 – Jan 28th: Group fitness class 2 at 9am downtown. Continue on RESET Day 2

Day 4 – Jan 29th: Continue on RESET Day 3

Day 5 – Jan 30th: Group fitness class 3 at 9am downtown. Continue on RESET Day 4

Day 6 – Jan 31st: Continue on RESET Day 5

Day 7 – Feb 1st (Sunday): Group fitness class 4 at 9am downtown and debrief


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